Top 3 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette Party Bus & Limousine Game Ideas

Bachelorette limo
The bride’s getting married and it’s the last party night she’s going to spend with her friends as a single woman. Of course, she wants to have an unforgettable night out with her girls!

Bachelorette party
Having the bachelorette party in a limousine or party bus is probably the most inspired idea a maid of honor or bridesmaid could ever have. For one, moving through the town together in a limousine or party bus is much more exciting than an old school bachelorette party in a hotel or night club. For another, you get necessarily close to each other in a confined space like a limousine or party bus, making the festivities that much more fun and memorable not only for the bride but also for all of the party attendees.

Bachelorette games
There’s a lot you can do to liven up your bachelorette party limousine. With a little modification, you can amp up the entertainment level of regular party games in the limousine or party bus. Here are some cool bachelorette party game ideas which you can adapt to—and really add spice—to an unforgettable evening out with your girlfriends:

1.      Limousine Scavenger Hunt. The game is perhaps the most ideal activity in a party bus or limousine. The object of the game is to look for items along your party route. Come up with a list of items to acquire during the trip—the harder it is to obtain them, the higher the points. Say a traffic cone is worth three points, while a traffic cop’s whistle is worth five points. You can also get the bride to hunt for red-heart patterned boxer shorts. Get creative! (You can also assign a penalty to for the girl with the lowest points.)

2.      Pop a Balloon. Every girl that gets in the bachelorette party bus or limousine will receive a balloon and a task. Example of tasks: kiss a cop, ask a man to sing for the bride-to-be, take a picture in the lap of a redheaded middle-aged man, and so on. When a girl accomplishes her task, she gets to pop her balloon. At the end of the limousine ride, the one whose balloon hasn’t gone popped will have to pay a penalty during the wedding celebrations. She could sing a song or dance with a man she doesn’t know at the reception—be creative or take your pick.

3.      Truth or Dare. It’s the children’s party with a twist, bachelorette party style. When a girl chooses “Truth” she’ll have to honestly answer the question of the one sitting to her right. If she settles for “Dare” then she must pay a penalty, usually a silly task provided by the person sitting on her left, that can be performed inside the bachelorette party limousine or party bus—or outside it. Tasks like drinking a glass of wine in one shot, or giving the bartender her bra sound fun.

Party Ideas
Spending the bachelorette party in a limousine or party bus is a level up from the usual ways this pre-wedding milestone is celebrated. Fun, laughter, entertainment, camaraderie and even more hilarity are guaranteed. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the driving as the chauffeur from the Northwest Limousine Service will take care of it.

So give your bride-to-be, girlfriend, sister or colleague an unforgettable send off with a bachelorette party bus or limousine. At Northwest Limousine Service can help you do the planning. Just call us at (360) 220-0207 to arrange your party. We’ve got the best limo service ideas up our sleeves to liven up your bachelorette party.

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