Commom Limousine Questions-Answers

We recently received an email from a client that we felt could potentially be very useful to anyone interested in booking a Limousine or Party Bus.

Hi. Thank you for your response. The 10 person stretch limo sounds like exactly what i'm looking for. My plan is to surprise my wife that evening and go pick up 4 other couples. Hopefully that isn't a problem for the driver to run around a little. I will get addresses for the driver prior to that evening. I have a couple questions for you, does our time start when the first people are picked up or when you leave the "yard/shop"? And the same for dropping off the last couple?  Also if I plan on 6:00 to 12:00 and people want to continue later in the evening, is that a possibility and is the rate the same?  My last question is with the limo, is it set up with rows of seats or one big open seat? I don't want rows. I want a nice open limo so we can all interact.  Oh and alcohol.... I assume its ok if we bring some beverages with us for the "ride".....
Thank you for your time....

 Northwest Limousine Service Response:
 Good Afternoon,
Thank you for getting back to us. We love doing surprises! I'll get right to answering all the questions you have for me... It's definitely not a problem to run around a little or even alot, that's what we get paid for. Our time does not start until we pick you up and is complete when you are dropped off. We do not charge any "incidentals" like other companies may ie. extra 20% for driver tip, fuel surcharge, travel time... Nothing "extra" is charged for your service in Whatcom County besides our rate. The tip for the driver is not included but completely left up to you and how you felt they did their job. The time you are requesting sounds perfect in the instance you may need more time because it will be unlikely for us to book any other reservations for that vehicle after midnight. The rate would just continue until your party is finished. The Limos do not have any row seating, I have attached a couple pictures of the interiors of the Limo your requesting and another of the Party Bus in case you feel you'd like more room. The limo requested can get a little tight with 10 passengers although that is the capacity. And yes, ALCOHOL is welcome for anyone over the age of 21. We look forward to booking your reservation. We just need to finalize the details of your itinerary and charge your credit card for the first hour as a deposit then we can send your reservation confirmation.
Thank you,

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